JA inspires youth to start a business, make better financial decisions and chart a career path. JA engages community volunteers from local businesses and post-secondary institutions to provide hands-on learning opportunities for Grade 5-12 students.

JA programs are delivered free of charge to local area schools with the support of committed JA volunteers and our community partners and sponsors. ONFE works with educators and school boards to identify and ensure that programs are made available to those in most need of innovative programs.

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For a one-pager with all JA programs for grades 5-8 please follow this link 

JA Be Entrepreneurial Junior (Grades 5 & 6) This is an interactive and engaging one-day program that introduces Grade 5 & 6 students to the fundamentals of starting a business and the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur. Through key entrepreneurial concepts, including product, service, and competitive advantage and target market, students develop an understanding of how businesses thrive. 

JA Economics for Success (Grade 8) This is an empowering one-day program for grade 8 students. EFS focuses on financial literacy, challenges students to reflect on their personal goals and highlights the advantages of remaining in school for long-term success. Students create personal and professional goals, prepare a personal budget, role play networking and interview scenarios and learn about career choices.  


For a one-pager with all JA programs for grades 9-12 please follow this link

JA Company (Grades 9-12) This is a 15 week program that allows students to learn and experience business fundamentals and learn the art of entrepreneurship as they operate a student-led company. Students will be able to apply their newfound skills to their education and future careers. JA Company can be run as an after-school program or integrated into a classroom. The program is supported by experienced volunteers from the business and financial field.  

JA Be Entrepreneurial Senior (Grades 9-12, SHSM Programs) This is a half-day program, facilitated by volunteers that allows students to identify entrepreneurial concepts, including product, service, competitive advantage and target market. The program gives students an understanding of the important role planning plays in starting a business.  



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Economical Insurance Telfer School of Management - University of Ottawa

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