Our Volunteers

National Volunteer Week 2015

National Volunteer Week (NVW) April  23-29, 2017 is a time to recognize and celebrate the incredible efforts of our volunteers.

The Ottawa Network for Education recognizes volunteers as our biggest asset to supporting student success and career preparation.

Through the dedication and enthusiasm of over 2,000 volunteers giving a total of 251, 369 volunteers hours ONFE is able to serve 81, 969 students through all student support and career preparation programs.

We want to personally thank you for giving your time, your smiles, your encouragement… the list goes on… to help support students in Ottawa schools. 

(Please watch our 2015 Thank You Video here
and be sure to read our volunteer interviews below.)


This is only a small sample of our outstanding volunteers that we are proud to feature on our website.

Graham Davis - JA Ottawa volunteer (January 2017)

Floralove Katz - OVIE volunteer (September 2016)

Julie Rodier - School Breakfast Program volunteer (April 2016)

Michael Morin - OttawaReads volunteer (April 2016)

Kyle Fournier - OVIE volunteer (April 2016)

Bob Nesbitt- The Conductor of Human Energy at Richmond Public School (April 2015)

Dave Rose - Junior Achievement volunteer (April 2015)

Clyde Goodlet- What Do Basketball and Math Have in Common at Leslie Park Public School? (April 2015)

Jenna Sudds - Junior Achievement volunteer (April 2015)

Joyce Guilbeault- the Belle in Bells Corners (April 2015)

Maria Artuso - Junior Achievement volunteer (April 2015)

Kathy O'Hara - Ottawa School Breakfast Volunteer (April 2015)

Bob Deskin - Junior Achievement volunteer (April 2015)

Susan Gardiner - ESL Volunteer (April 2015)

Penny Gumley - Junior Achievement volunteer (April 2015)

Greg Matthews - Junior Achievement volunteer (April 2015)

Brittany Webster - Ottawa Volunteer In Education (April 2014)

Steven Jones and Justin Minnes - Junior Achievement (April 2014)

Curtis Quan - Ottawa Volunteer in Education (April 2014)

Lauren-Seward-Munday - Ottawa Volunteer in Education (April 2014)

Saul Jacobson - Ottawa Volunteer in Education (April 2014)

Amanda Wagorn - Junior Achievement (April 2014)

Renuka Gamage - Junior Achievement, Ottawa Volunteers in Education, Assistive Tech, iLit (April 2014)

Russell Fisher - Junior Achievement (Sept 2012)