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4.2  Normalizing the experience for students

In the previous module, we established that you, the teacher, were the most important element in helping to normalize the experience for both the student using AT and the rest of the class. It is important to remember, above all, that each student is unique and may react differently to the introduction of AT. It is common for students to feel overwhelmed, anxious or even annoyed at the idea of having to learn something new, especially if they have had negative learning experiences in the past. As well, the student may fear the reactions of his or her peers.

Your approach needs to be flexible to adapt to the student’s needs. The main goals are to promote the student’s ability to access the curriculum, and to increase his or her independence and ability to actively participate in class. The following mind map offers some concrete ways to address the student’s self-doubt and possible concerns about peer reactions.

Normalizing the AT Experience - Map

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