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Assistive Technologies


As a teacher, you are a pedagogical expert: you understand the curriculum and learning objectives, and work hard to support your students as they progress through the year. From experience, you also know that some students in mainstream classrooms, although intelligent, have difficulty completing certain academic tasks because of a disability that affects the learning process.

Assistive technology, or AT for short, can help ensure that all students are able to access the curriculum and do so with more independence than was possible in the past. Depending on their past roles and training, some teachers have had more experience with AT than others. These short learning modules were designed as an introduction for educators who may be new to using assistive technologies in the classroom.

Like any new tools, AT requires some learning and practice, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Lets start by hearing from other teachers about the impact that AT has had on the academic experience of their students.

Implementing Assistive Technology in the Classroom: The Impact of Assistive Technology
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