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Assistive Technologies

Ready to Explore the World of AT?

This page is just for you – students who are interested in learning about or starting to use assistive technologies for reading, writing or other school work.

Whether you are a student in elementary school or college, you can use the AT tools we’ll show you here – in fact some people use these tools even at work.

If you visit the Videos section, you can choose from 8 different 3 – 4 minute videos on all the things that different types of AT can help you with, including writing, editing, math and taking tests.

There is lots of information in the videos, so if you want a list of all the AT tools and what they do, click on the Glossary.

If you want to learn how to use a particular program, or learn more about AT in general, you can go to some of the other websites listed in the Resources section.

Discover what works best for you... because we all learn differently!

Click here for resources for college and university students.

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