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Assistive Technologies

How can AT help?

Just like the right pair of glasses can help us see more clearly, the right kinds of assistive technologies (AT) can make tasks such as reading, writing or organizing information much easier.

Different tools work for different needs, so there is no one solution. This website focuses on computer-based AT (mainly software) – each for a specific purpose, such as reading, writing, math, or idea organization. Some students use one particular tool, while others may use a combination of tools to support their learning and the completion of school assignments.

If your child has a particular learning difficulty, his/her teacher may already be introducing some type of AT in the classroom. Keep in mind, however, that AT software is just another tool to support learning, and many students (and adults!) of all abilities can benefit from using some of the same tools for work or study.

The resources on this website will introduce some of the options available, and can help you have a more informed discussion with your child’s teachers if necessary.

By visiting the Students Videos section, you can choose from several short student-focused videos that will introduce some of the different types of AT currently used in classrooms.

The Glossary contains a summary of all the AT tools introduced in the videos and the website.

Finally, for more information, visit the Resources section. There, you’ll find annotated links to informative articles as well as other useful online resources. The resources listed in the Student section include links to some online tools that offer similar features to some of the AT seen in the videos.

We encourage you to explore the information on our website and speak with your child’s teachers about the resources available at your school to help your child achieve success.

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