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Computer-based assistive technologies (AT) are being used successfully within the education system to support the learning process. As is the case with any new process or software, however, there is a significant learning curve for new users of these tools. We hope the resources on this website will help you explore the capabilities of AT and make implementation as smooth as possible.

Students, teachers and parents are partners in the learning process, and trained volunteers can be an important source of added support in the classroom. By visiting the tabs above, you will find customized videos and resources for each of these audiences, so please explore!

The ultimate goal of ONFE’s Assistive Technology Support Initiative is to achieve synergy with the formal education system in order to enhance the academic success of students using computer-based AT for their school work. The resources developed as part of this project are fully accessible and bilingual, and were developed in close collaboration with our four local school boards, learning disability associations and other experts.

For more information, please contact : Lee-Ann Scott
Director, Ottawa Volunteers in Education, Ottawa Network for Education
900 Morrison Drive, Suite 205
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8K7
Tel: 613-366-3085 ext. 253

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