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Spiritual Care Worker


22 February 2018

Niveau de scolarité : Secondaire

The Spiritual Care in Secondary Schools program, in collaboration with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), has been providing volunteer spiritual care since 1983. The program is inclusive of the various OCDSB recognized faith groups in the community. It does not promote in any manner a particular religious belief system but is entirely focused on the care of the students and staff.The program receives no financial support from the OCDSB. It is supported by contributions from the faith groups actively involved in the program.

Spiritual Care workers share those enduring higher values upon which our society and educational systems are based such as personal integrity, compassion for others, and respect for the rights, beliefs, and traditions of others. By maintaining their own religious faith perspective, spiritual care workers are careful not to impose their perspective while interacting with members of the school community.

Volunteers apply through ONFE and will be interviewed by Spiritual Care staff before being accepted into the program. For a detailed volunteer position description, please contact 

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