Passport to Prosperity Funding Announcement

29 August 2012 / Général

Dear Educators, Employers and Community Partners,

As dedicated community partners we would like to inform you that the funding for the provincial Passport to Prosperity campaign and Employer Registry database has been cancelled for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.
To effectively manage this change, we have developed a plan to transition the hundreds of local employers and community partners like you who have supported the program for so many years. Specifically, we will be transferring employer and community contact information from the Employer Registry database to our Ottawa educators, as a means of facilitating communication and collaboration between our partners. If your organization has any particular concerns or requests regarding this transition, we welcome you to contact us at 613-366-3085 ext 256.

It has truly been a pleasure supporting high school experiential learning for more than 10 years with community partners such as you. Our hope is that other opportunities will present themselves in the future for us to work together again in providing support and guidance to the next generation of workers. From our organization to yours, we thank you for your continued support towards high school experiential learning and student success.


Ottawa Network for Education